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Ars Moriendi Project

Dustrial CVLT presents the Ars Moriendi ProjectThe Ars Moriendi Project

Curator: Robert W. McElaney (Ctrl Alt Design)

Creation, Destruction, often thought as two seperate forces,  are actually one and the same.The Ars Moriendi Project explores these themes by offering interpretations on resin skulls, often conceived as a virus, poison, a symbol of death. Artists across the spectrum will use it as a canvas; a source of creation.

What is it?
The Ars Moriendi Project is a collaborative group art show that features Boston artists from all different fields, using life size resin skulls as a canvas.

What is the purpose?

The purpose is to gather up and coming artists to better undrstand their personal vision and to network with other artists.

Where is it?

The Ars Moriendi Project is a pop up art show i.e. it appears for a night attached to different events and club nights in Boston, bringing added value and new dimensions to the evening.

CVLT : Ars Moriendi Project at Middlesex Casey Desmond SkullWhat artists are involved?
We choose artist that specialize in all forms of art. Participating so far: Ryan Denman, Matt Walker (Dead Presidents), Bethany Shorb (CyberOptix), Casey Desmond, Lex McDermott, Regan Miller, Robert McElaney(Ctrl Alt Design), Paloma Cabrera-Lustig,  Kyle Brandse, Allison Bamcat, Halley Jaye, Citrus, Aaron White, Dan Vidal, Abigail Taylor, Garrett and  Bill Filios.

I love one of the skulls are they for sale? 

Yes. The Ars Moreindi Project has teamed up with Artvenue.com to facilitate an easy flow to purchase a peice. With a smart phone in hand and a simple click of a QR code you get more details about the work and the ability to consume.

I am an artist, can I be involved?
Yes, we are an evolving and revolving project and always looking for new participants, contact robert(at)dustri.al for more info.

I am a Company and would like to be involved, is that possible?
Yes, we are always looking for new opportunities to grow,  contact robert(at)dustri.al for more info.

When is the next event?
Next show coming in the Winter. , Details to follow shortly!

Sponsors and Affiliates

CVLT : Ars Moriendi Project at Middlesex Skulls

CVLT : Ars Moriendi Project at Middlesex Paloma Lex Halley Skull

CVLT : Ars Moriendi Project at Middlesex Skulls

CVLT : Ars Moriendi Project at Middlesex Skulls