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Angeldustrial began with an event; an underground party in Newton for the end of the millennium, aptly titled “Dominion Day”.  Hobbling together a PA and lighting equipment while making do with what decor we had, Flashflood, Punketta Doilie and Ctrl.Alt.Design handled the brunt of hosting and DJ duties. That night went off with a bang (and some bangs into low hanging pipes). After that night, things would not be the same.

We began putting feelers out and networking with different venues. We realized that we could use enterprise wide collaborative software to help with our new marketing and promotions endeavour. I thought, if it worked for fortune 500, why not a subculture? So, with a stolen copy of Exchange 5.5 and a German rhythmic power noise duo called Noisex, we began bringing music and events to the masses. Keeping a rigorous focus on cutting edge marketing and an ear to the underground, Angeldustrial was able book top  electronic acts spanning the sub-genres, including Haujobb, VNV Nation, Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk, Stromkern,  Terrorfakt,  Freezepop, Chemlab and Combichrist.

The success of live events led us to branch out to performance art and fashion. Our own Jennifer McClain headed up a group of skilled and dedicated performers and in no time was headlining major dark electronic and fetish events on the east coast. Angeldustrial joined forces with Distro.y  for brand development and distribution of fashion lines with great success for both organizations.

Now in our twelfth year, we recognized the need to evolve once more; Angeldustrial has shortened to Dustri.al. We are embracing today while still sticking to our core beliefs: raising cultural discourse through high technology and blending social circles for greater DIY networking.  With these ideals in mind we have been able introduce new events like CVLT and its many experimental iterations as well as the group art show “The Ars Moriendi Project”.

Dustri.al is open source. So we ask you; crafter or creator, DJ or dancer, open-minded or offset, artisan or asshole: find us. It’s time to Dance Your Fuck Off.