Dustrial Cyberpunk Clothing and Streetwear


Premium shirts and garments. The fabric is printed using a process called reactive dye digital printing, then steamed and washed to ensure the print is long lasting. the garment is assembled individually. This process ensures long lasting prints and no gaps in the print on the garment. Reactive dye digital printing is environmentally friendly and efficient. 2-4 weeks delivery


Mainly Black t-shirts, crewnecks and crop tops with a monochrome design. Flex printing technique for durability. Affordable price point and each item is limited to 50. About 7 days turn around time.

Dustrial explores the parallels of science fact and science fiction over the last century. How it shapes our perception of the past, present and future.

The work ranges from minimal monochromatic to maxing the electromagnetic spectrum.

The process is analog and digital, employing pencil, pen & ink, illustrator, photoshop, various 3D programs, javascript code, processing and databending.

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